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Trevor Anderson, CSCS (T.A.) is the Owner and Founder of Better Every Day®.  He is a renowned Performance Educator, and a Multi-Sport Performance Expert. He has trained Super Bowl Champions, Heisman Trophy winners, NBA All-Stars, MLB All-Stars, World #1 Golfers, Tennis Grand Slam Winners, and many of the best athletes in the world. T.A. also writes new training curriculum, conducts educational certifications, and delivers functional movement and performance presentations for TRX, SPRI, and Under Armour, among others.
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TA is a big part of my daily plan to reach my goal of winning my third World Long Drive Championship. His knowledge of the body mechanics and exercises is far beyond most head fitness professionals. I have seen improvements in a number of areas including; flexibility, mobility, stability, and most of all strength and power. These components all wrapped into one have helped me increase speed and hit the golf ball more efficiently by using the correct body sequence.

 -Tim Burke, 2x world long drive champion

Longest drive world record holder

Over the years I’ve been able to see, hear, talk and workout with many different people. I actually watched Trevor for years, when I would come back from the baseball season. I would not say anything, just watch him work. He was training kids as young as 7 years old all the way up to professional athletes and people who want to stay in shape or lose a few pounds. After sitting down with Trevor Anderson “TA” . I knew he was the guy for me and my family.

-Ken Griffey, Jr.

National Baseball Hall of Famer

I was introduced to TA through a mutual friend who thought that he would be a good fit for me training wise to pursue my dream of being an NFL football player. What I didn't know is that I would be meeting one of the most influential people that I've met so far. His tactics for getting hard work out of each and every one of his athletes is among the best. Surprisingly, he's taught me, a professional Olympic track and field athlete, a thing or two about running.

-Marvin Bracy

Professional Track Athlete, 2016 Olympic Sprinter, 9.93s 100m, NFL Football Player

  • Super Bowl Champs
  • Heisman Trophy winners
  • NBA All-Stars
  • MLB All-Stars
  • World #1 Golfers
  • Tennis Grand Slam Winners

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Goal Oriented Periodization Programming 


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Custom monthly training routine

Receive a workout plan based on your goal: fat loss/muscle gain, sports-related, or wellness focused

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Trevor Anderson is an accomplished trainer and a world-class strength & conditioning coach.  His experience across the full range of athletic performance is deep; spanning several decades as a player, trainer, and coach.  Trevor’s practice spans many sports and training domains but his deep experience in golf performance truly sets him apart in an industry full of good trainers.  I’ve known Trevor for more than a decade--as an industry colleague; as a TRX Master Instructor; and as a friend—and I could not possibly regard him more highly than I do.  For anyone seeking to elevate their performance, Trevor Anderson is your man!

-Randy Hetrick

Owner and Creator of TRX Suspension Training

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I have known Trevor Anderson for 10+ years and he is one of the best coaches and trainers in the entire fitness industry, bar none. When you talk about PASSION, PURPOSE, and IMPACT, Trevor Anderson epitomizes these 3 words. It doesn’t matter if he’s working with young kids, pro athletes, or fitness enthusiasts/weekend warriors, “TA” just knows how to get people better. He is one of the finest coaches and human-beings in the entire fitness and coaching world and it’s truly an honor to call him a friend.

 -Todd Durkin, MA, CSCS

Trainer, Author, Speaker 

Under Armour Training Team

TA is a great dude!! I remember the first time we met at IMG. I knew right then and there I was in great hands. TA is a person who brings the best out of a person without the person knowing themselves. It’s been an honor to know him and for him to train me as well. Thank you for all you have done for me, and continue to do.

 -Nick Collins

NFL Safety, Green Bay Packers Super Bowl XLV Champion, 3 x Pro Bowl Selection

TA really has a great sense and understanding of how the body works, and how the body best responds to training. I know I’ve learned a great deal from him, whether it’s understanding functional strength movement patterns, and how to train specifically for your sport, your needs, and your concerns. Having been an athlete for almost 20 years in the NBA, Trevor is is one of the best that I’ve ever been around.

-Grant Hill

NBA Basketball Player, 7 x NBA All-Star, 2 x NCAA Champion

I don’t where to start when it comes to TA. He’s one incredible individual, who has helped me find something within myself that I didn’t know was still inside me. He helped me with that next necessary step in such a short time. I definitely look forward to working with him.

-Mohamed Sanu

NFL WR, #12 Atlanta Falcons

Through my years in golf, I have met many trainers/performance coaches and to my mind, T.A. is one of the very best. Not only does he have great knowledge of the subject, but he also is a great motivator and makes the art of training fun and rewarding. T.A. is highly involved in training trainers and it is wonderful to see that his knowledge base is being spread far and wide in a lot of different sports. T.A. is the epitome of the modern-day trainer and educator who is continually learning to provide the very best information for his athletes.

 -David Leadbetter

World Famous Golf Instructor, Creator of the Leadbetter Golf Academies

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